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Types of Rhinoplasty

Though each Rhinoplasty Surgery is different in terms of complexity and procedure, It is very difficult and complex to list different types of rhinoplasty. We can easily differentiate the way nose is operated, There are two basic types of Rhinoplasty Surgery that we can discuss here in general. 1.) Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery 2.) Open Rhinoplasty Surgery It is up to your surgeon what method he will choose to do your Rhinoplasty Surgery. This decision is difficult to make because it depends on the complexity of the Nose job and how experienced your surgeon with this surgery.  Closed Rhinoplasty  Closed Rhinoplasty is also known as Endonasal Rhinoplasty Surgery. In closed rhinoplasty, all the incision and marks are made inside the nose. Performing an endonasal rhinoplasty is difficult as the marks and cutting are made inside the nose where there is a limited view of the underlying Nasals bones and cartilage. Reshaping in such closed view gets difficult and exper